Tata Communications increases its focus on international HD voice calling

Tata Communications increases its focus on international HD voice calling

Tata Communications is making strong headway towards improving HD voice worldwide after becoming the second global company to launch the service.

The company has identified an increasing demand for HD voice calls in the market, specifically from MNOs, and Christian Michaud, SVP of product and business strategy for global voice solutions at Tata Communications, told Capacity that this number is growing fast.

"The objective of launching the service is to address those requirements, and to make sure that we can enable end-to-end HD voice calls on the international market. Today it is not really present, it's really is just starting," he said.

The services are designed to deliver greater clarity for international voice calls, which often lose their HD quality when leaving a national network.

"It will be much, much clearer - as if you are sitting in the same room," Michaud explained.

"There's a noise cancellation technique as well...so the voice is crystal clear, even if you're sitting by a highway or an airport."

Tata's development in Asia follows Orange's HD voice launch in Africa, and Michaud explained that the service is part of a larger strategy to benefit MNOs by increasing their service offerings.

"If they (MNOs) want to be charging for international calls they need to have something which is a differentiator in the market," he said.

By providing efficient HD voice services, MNOs will also be able to come up against competition from OTT players offering services like Skype.

A further advantage is the expected increase in RPU as customers spend more time on the phone, and make more calls.

Michaud does not expect there to be a premium charge, but anticipates revenue growth as customers benefit from the increased clarity of the service.

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