Tata reveals HD voice service

Tata reveals HD voice service

Tata Communications has today launched its international HD voice termination service.

The service is designed to enable MNOs to connect HD calls to HD-compatible destinations across the globe through end-to-end IP, and the company claims it will allow their customers to receive a full HD experience.

Tata Communications’ network is connected to 210 MNOS worldwide, via IP, with 26 of these operators said to be HD-ready and 4 operators already in deployment for HD voice on Tata’s network.

“Our focus on improving voice quality through innovations such as HD voice has led to 28% year-on-year volume growth from key retail service providers (MNOs and OTTs),” said Michel Guyot, president of global voice solutions at Tata Communications.

“We will leverage our community of IP-connected MNOs to quickly enable HD voice calls between the widest possible range of destinations, maximising the benefits of premium call quality for our partners and their end users.”

Tata’s service is expected to ensure high-quality sound with reduced background noise during HD calls, and is hoped to lead to longer length calls and increased revenues for MNOs.

The service is also part of Tata’s strategy to help MNOs capitalise on technology innovations through more enhanced mobile delivery and management services.

In February this year Tata Communications signed a deal with UPC Wholesale for voice solutions.

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