Deutsche Telekom launches CDN and cloud solutions

Deutsche Telekom launches CDN and cloud solutions

Deutsche Telekom’s Business Development and Innovation (BDI) unit has today announced it will launch CDN and cloud delivery optimisation solutions.

The services, ‘NetAnalyze’ and ‘NetOptimize’, are designed to develop multi-vendor hosting and delivery solutions, and are said to be a breakaway attempt from the convention of single-platform hosting.


"Our goal is to enable our customers to provide a consistent, superior user experience in today’s complex internet landscape – with an ever increasing amount of online content, growing numbers of devices, and a multitude of global networks,” said Karim E-Khazen, VP of BDI at Deutsche Telekom.

‘NetAnalyze’ is expected to examine the initial delivery of end-user experience, while ‘NetOptimize’ is said to utilise optimal delivery mechanisms for this end-user experience.

Deutsche Telekom partnered with cloud engineering firm Cedexis to develop the services.

“[the services] enable enterprises to have real-time visibility into the online experience of their end users and to be able to ask the ‘what if’ question of using alternative platforms to influence that experience,” said Julien Coulon, co-founder at Cedexis.

“In addition to the NetAnalyze service, DT and Cedexis are creating an environment for customers to move from the ‘theory’ to the actual practice of using a multi-platform approach through the use of NetOptimize.”

Deutsche Telekom revised its pricing plan earlier this monthin a bid to keep up with rival operators in Germany.

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