Brazil’s mobile report could highlight deficiencies

Brazil’s mobile report could highlight deficiencies

Brazil is set to release a government report on the quality of mobile phone services, with growing concerns in the market over what it may present.

Industry regulator Anatel, said yesterday that the report could point towards flaws in data transmission in the country.

"The quality of data transmission still isn't ideal," João Rezende, president of Anatal told local reporters.

“[Phone companies] are making significant efforts to improve quality, but we're still waiting for data to stabilise at a satisfactory level.”

He further highlighted that some companies face the possibility of fines for the inadequacy of their services.

However, at an event in São Paulo, Rezende told reporters: “I don't see any paralysation of sales”, should the report indicate serious quality problems.

Telefonica recently partnered with OnMobileto upgrade its mobile offering in the country.

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