Orange Group names Astellia as strategic partner

Orange Group names Astellia as strategic partner

Orange Group confirmed Astellia as its strategic partner during the presentation of its whitepaper “Supplier relationships of France Telecom-Orange in France”.

Astellia’s solutions have been utilised in over 20 Orange subsidiaries in the past 10 years to optimise 2G, 3G and 4G networks.

“Working in close collaboration with our partners is fundamental to deliver the best customer experience. This win-win relationship allows Orange to be the first French operator when it comes to delivering the best quality of service,” said Pierre Lanquetot, director of engineering and mobile infrastructure at Orange France.

“We consider that our partnership with Astellia largely contributed to this success.”

Astellia is also said to have significantly enhanced user experience for Orange subscribers.

“Astellia is committed to providing Orange with the know-how and the solutions to guarantee optimal quality of service, to offer outstanding user experience and to rapidly monetise their network investments,” said Christian Queffélec, CEO and co-founder of Astellia.

Astellia recently signed an agreement with Unitel Angola to provide troubleshooting and performance monitoring on the telco’s network.

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