SK Telecom launches new pricing plans

SK Telecom launches new pricing plans

SK Telecom has announced the launch of “T&T Sharing” plans for its 3G and LTE subscribers.

Customers that subscribe to the plans are expected to benefit from the use of mobile VoIP services, which were previously only offered to higher price plan customers.

Such value added services are considered essential in the highly competitive Asian market.

The plans are designed to maximise customer value by offering unlimited intra-network voice calls and texting, as well as lowering the monthly price of shareable data plans.

'SK Telecom will continue to develop and launch innovative smartphone price plans to move away from the fierce competition focussed solely on heavy mobile subsidies,” said Park In-sik, president of network operations at SK Telecom.

“Going forward, SK Telecom aims to create a new trend in the Korean market through customer-centered price plans and value-added services that can truly benefit users."

The launch follows a testing agreement SK Telecom signed with Nokia Siemens Networksin February this year.

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