Telefónica taps Syniverse to improve global roaming effort in Latam

Syniverse announced it is helping Telefónica’s Latam operations to grow their global roaming footprints and increase traffic.

The agreement covers 10 operations and last year exceeded targets for roaming service launches set by the Spanish carrier.

“The expanded global footprint and improved time-to-market for launches of roaming services that Syniverse has helped realise put us in a better strategic position to continue to innovate and deliver advanced services to our customers,” said Elena Gil Lizasoain, business development director from Telefónica Latinoamerica.

Syniverse has provided Telefónica with a dedicated team for the optimisation of the opening and testing of GSM and 3G services and as a result the carrier launched 1,000 services worldwide.

“Today’s mobile users have extremely high expectations for flawless experiences, which means they must be able to use their devices anytime, regardless of where they travel,” said Alfred de Cárdenas, COO at Syniverse. “For mobile service providers to stay competitive, a robust global footprint with complex roaming agreements is required, and executing these agreements can be arduous and time consuming.”