METCO partners with Aviat to deliver mobile backhaul upgrade for Zain

Middle East Telecommunications Company (METCO) has partnered with Aviat Networks to upgrade Zain Kuwait’s microwave backhaul network.

The upgrade will support Zain’s recently launched LTE offering in the country.

"METCO plays the role of strategic partner to Zain, helping the operator plan and deploy their backhaul network," says Bassem Jalil , CEO of METCO. "We continuously support Zain in evolving their backhaul network to address the exponential increase in data traffic and technology evolution. Using Aviat's technologies has helped us achieve those goals."

Aviat claims the upgrade will allow Zain to vastly increase its backhaul link capacity as it begins to consolidate mobile technologies at each cell site.

"Aviat Networks provides LTE-proven microwave backhaul solutions to the world's largest carriers, including Zain, delivering superior IP/Ethernet and RF performance," said Michael Pangia, president and CEO of Aviat Networks. "Our backhaul solutions are serving networks with an excess of three million LTE devices."