NTT enters Nordic capacity partnership with TDC

NTT enters Nordic capacity partnership with TDC

NTT Communications has partnered with Danish provider TDC to access capacity in the Nordic region.

In exchange, NTT will provide TDC with an extension to its Asia-Pacific network through NTT global data network services.

NTT’s regional manager for UK and northern Europe, Bob Welton, said it was the perfect time for NTT to be working with customers in the Nordics with export to Asia increasing substantially and companies looking to capitalise on opening in new markets.

The carrier plans to work with new and existing customers in the region to provide reach to Asia and the rest of the world.

"TDC's extensive network coverage in the Nordic region, reputation for quality, together with a strong enterprise client base, made them a natural fit for collaboration in the region. This partnership will be a key step in ensuring we achieve our goal of becoming the Nordics' number one choice for IT communications with Asia,” said Welton.

Customers in the region will be able to access NTT’s networks and cloud services, and be able to gain greater competitive advantage in their global operations, according to NTT.

"Both TDC Wholesale and NTT have clear visions and growth strategies for 2013 to 2015, which require high performance oriented cooperation and new business development in order to meet the ambitious time to market objectives,” said Eva Birgitte Bisgaard, VP at TDC Wholesale.

“The collaboration between TDC Wholesale and NTT will further enable these visions. Nordic organisations show a growing demand for globally scalable ICT solutions, and on TDC Wholesale's Nordic platform, NTT is able to meet these demands and connect them to their global footprint. In parallel TDC's global reach is extended with NTT's global network.”

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