FiberLight CEO retires

Michael Miller, CEO and founder of FiberLight, has announced he will be leaving the company after 16 years of service.

Miller will be succeeded by Paul Pierron who will take on a companywide leadership role as Chief Operating Officer.

Under Miller’s management, the fibre-optic network provider has grown into an industry leader in the field of fibre-optic based solutions, a statement today said.

“FiberLight has been a big part of my professional life and I am very excited to be able to leave the company at such a positive time in its history. I am leaving the company in very good hands and as a shareholder I could not be more excited about its future,” Miller commented.

In his new position, Pierron has set targets to continue revenue growth and improve operations.

“Mike should be proud of what he has built and we look forward to elevating his work to new levels,” Pierron said.