France Telecom-Orange and Alcatel-Lucent steal head start on 400G

France Telecom-Orange and Alcatel-Lucent steal head start on 400G

France Telecom-Orange and Alcatel-Lucent appear to have got a head start in the race to 400G, after deploying what is said to be the world’s first live optical 400Gbps, per wavelength.

The optical link runs between Paris and Lyon, with a reported capacity of four times higher than the maximum bandwidth presently available. It is said to be able to transmit up to 17.6 Terabits of data per second.

France Telecom-Orange expects the upgrade to encourage the utilisation of services such as video on demand and telepresence that require higher bandwidth and seamless connectivity, as well as improving the service for existing business customers.

“This breakthrough will considerably increase the capacity of our fibre-optic network linking the two largest economic regions in France,” said Didier Duriez, senior vice president of international and backbone networks factory at France Telecom-Orange.

“France Telecom-Orange is continuing its investment in the development of super-fast infrastructure to support the emergence of new uses, such as multimedia content, social networking and the cloud, and to guarantee transmission quality while keeping costs down.”

France Telecom-Orange has had a busy start to 2013 following the launch of its international HD voice services in January this year.

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