National Cable Networks upgrades Moscow system to 100G

National Cable Networks upgrades Moscow system to 100G

Rostelecom-owned National Cable Networks has tripled its Moscow broadband network capacity and speeds in partnership with Alcatel-Lucent.

The network enhancement is designed to support a dramatic increase in video traffic due to surveillance cameras being installed across Moscow.

NCN won the tender to install the surveillance system in 2011 under the municipal ‘Information City’ programme.

The cable company will use its network to carry the feed from surveillance cameras installed in porches, courtyards and other public places to the Moscow Department of Information Technology’s data processing centre.

“The improvements in network speeds and capacity will support the state program implementation and help to resolve safety issues in Moscow. It will also allow us to enhance the quality of service for our existing customers and meet their growing demand for triple play services,” said Dmitry Bragin, general director at NCN.

Alcatel-Lucent deployed 100Gbps fibre-optic technology on the network to support this live HD video feed from across the city.

The vendor’s technology supports a maximum capacity of up to 8.8Tbps over a single optical fibre.

Alcatel said the upgrade is also expected to sufficiently boost NSN’s network capability for broadband customers, allowing the company to offer enhanced triple play video, high-speed internet and voice services.

“Alcatel-Lucent is committed to providing solutions that help improve services within major cities. We have deep-rooted expertise in the delivery of fibre-based broadband technology to enhance people’s lives. The increase in capacity, enabled by the new network, will meet the needs of the City and of NCN’s customers,” said Alexander Tikhonov, head of Alcatel-Lucent’s CIS business.

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