Alcatel-Lucent issues update on AMX-1

Alcatel-Lucent issues update on AMX-1

Alcatel-Lucent has issued an update on the deployment of the 17,500km America Móvil 1 (AMX-1) subsea cable system linking the US, Central America and Brazil.

The vendor stated this week that the cable is under active construction with all cable route and landing surveys complete and the manufacturing of cable and repeaters well underway. 

AMX-1 will connect seven countries with 11 landing points: Miami and Jacksonville (United States), Barranquilla and Cartagena (Colombia), Fortaleza, Salvador & Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Puerto Plata (Dominican Republic), Cancun (Mexico), San Juan (Puerto Rico) and Puerto Barrios (Guatemala). It is designed for 100Gbps transmission and will have an ultimate trunk capacity of 50Tbps. 

The route is designed to improve international connectivity for all of América Móvil’s subsidiaries and is due to begin commercial service in late 2013. 

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