Bangladesh receives terrestrial connectivity from Tata?

Bangladesh receives terrestrial connectivity from Tata?

Internet research firm Renesys reported this week that several additional providers in Bangladesh were now receiving internet transit from Tata Communications via the International Terrestrial Cable (ITC).

Before ITC, the country was solely dependent on the SeaMeWe-4 cable for connectivity, meaning national internet outages occurred “with some regularity” according to Renesys. 

Following outages on the 19th and 23rd of January, Renesys confirmed that 1Asia, Summit, NovoCom and Fibre@Home experienced increases in traffic as customers automatically shifted to their still-active connections. During an outage in November Fibre@Home was the only provider found to be using the ITC link. 

Renesys expects widespread internet outages to become a thing of the past as the ITC service becomes more widespread in the country.

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