Tele2 Eesti expands LTE in Estonia

Tele2 Eesti expands LTE in Estonia

Estonia-based mobile operator Tele2 Eesti has extended its 4G LTE network to the country’s second largest city Tartu.

The company has also reportedly deployed 10 new LTE compatible base stations across the city, and will expand its LTE operations throughout 2013.

Tele2 Eesti is expected to grow its 4G coverage to Narva and Kohtla-Järve, with its existing GSM network also upgraded and replaced with new equipment.

Tele2 Eesti launched its first commercial LTE service in November 2012, with the company claiming its LTE network was capable of reaching speeds of up 150Mpbs/75Mbps on download and upload respectively.

Its network covered most of the northern centres of Estonia. In 2013, the company said it aims to add 150 new base stations, and by 2017 its 4G network should to cover the entire country.

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