First China to Taiwan cable goes live

First China to Taiwan cable goes live

The first subsea cable directly linking the Chinese mainland to Taiwan has reportedly gone live.

The cable, named Cross-Strait Fiber-Optic1, opened for service on Friday, according to Chinese news publication Xinhua.

China Unicom, China Mobile and China Telecom funded the cable on the Chinese side, and FarEasTone, Taiwan Mobile, Taiwan International Gateway Corporation and ChungHwa Telecom are the Taiwanese investors.

Cross-Strait Fiber-Optic1 spans 270km from Fuzhou, China, to Tamsui, Taiwan, the shortest route between the two countries.

The route is expected to enhance communications between China and Taiwan and reduce their reliance on international cables for communications.

Cross-Strait Fiber-Optic1 is described as incorporating the most advanced transmission technologies, suggesting it is a 100Gbps system.

Xinhua cites Taiwanese telecoms executives as saying that the cable is significant in promoting cross-Strait exchanges by offering a more convenient and stable means of communication. They also expect the route to bring new business opportunities to the island’s telecoms sector.

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