MTS and InfiNet partner to deploy wireless infrastructure for TNK-BP

MTS and InfiNet partner to deploy wireless infrastructure for TNK-BP

Russian provider Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) has partnered with manufacturer company InfiNet Wireless to deploy wireless infrastructure for TNK-BP in Russia.

MTS has been selected by TNK-BP to deploy the infrastructure for the Samotlor oilfields in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous region in Russia, and will provide internet access for the company’s producing assets, as well as its subsidiaries.

The Russian operator has rolled out dozens of InfiNet wireless base station and subscriber terminals across the oilfield, providing robust communications across distances of 20km.

Both companies said the infrastructure will be able to withstand challenging weather conditions without the need to utilise third party equipment.

“Thanks to our partnership with InfiNet Wireless, we can now offer a range of integrated telecommunications services based on leading edge solutions, all aimed at better serving our key corporate customers”, said Sergey Kuzmin, director of MTS-Ural.

“InfiNet’s innovative wireless technology allows us to offer a full spectrum of solutions to our customers, easily connecting remote locations in very short periods of time, even in areas that are normally hard to gain access to or where fibre-optic solutions are simply too expensive or physically impossible to deploy.”

Samotlorneftegaz, TNK-BP’s largest subsidiary, will also be able to access a range of services including high quality voice, corporate computing services, CCTV and other security applications across the network.

“This project was deployed as part of the TNK-BP’s programme 'Asset for the future – Intelligent oil well'”, added Sergey Shevchenko, chief engineer and deputy director of Samotlorneftegaz. “Thanks to the technically advanced and superior network provided by MTS and InfiNet, we have now been able to significantly improve the quantity and quality of information collected from the oil wells.”

MTS has further plans to roll out wireless broadband, based on InfiNet Wireless technology across all areas of the Ural region in Russia by the end of the year.

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