France Telecom launches international HD voice services

France Telecom launches international HD voice services

France Telecom-Orange is claiming to be the first global carrier to offer HD voice services between operators on both fixed and mobile networks internationally.

The French carrier announced today that its HD voice service is live and available on the wholesale market for operators and service providers worldwide.

France Telecom claims that HD voice services will enable operators and service providers to increase their value proposition for customers, citing a GSMA survey in which 40% of users questioned said they would make longer calls, more calls or both if they had access to HD voice quality.

"Orange is the first operator to offer HD voice communications across national borders and this will dramatically improve the quality of international calls. HD voice has become a must-have service for operators and service providers that will enable them to increase their revenues and offer their customers significantly improved quality of service," said Alexandre Pébereau, EVP, international carriers at France Telecom-Orange.

HD services are being offered through Orange's international voice hub, which manages the complexity of routing HD voice traffic on behalf of third party operators.

France Telecom said that through a single IP interconnection point and full IP routing it could ensure end-to-end HD service quality for customers.

The carrier noted that there are over 120 HD enabled handset types and over 50 HD networks worldwide, of which 15 are run by Orange.

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