Level 3 and XO Communications sign internet traffic exchange agreement

Level 3 and XO Communications sign internet traffic exchange agreement

Level 3 and XO Communications have agreed a long-term internet traffic exchange agreement.

The partnership agreement allows customers from both internet service providers’ networks to continue to exchange data traffic on respective networks.

Based on a bit-mile peering approach, the agreement measures both the volume of traffic exchanged and the distance over which that traffic is carried by each network.

The relationship has been tailored to remain equitable and settlement free, with both networks carrying the same bit mile of data, which promotes efficient service for customers. This also ensures a balance of cost burden across the networks.

“Level 3’s primary focus is on providing quality service for internet consumers,” said Jack Waters, CTO at Level 3. “We look forward to working with our peering partners to drive broader adoption of this bit-mile model to ensure fair and equitable interconnection.”

Level 3 commented on the internet’s constant growth and evolution, with such an agreement going a long way in resolving imbalances that occur in traffic patterns and increased network costs. If asymmetry on the internet occurs, the internet carriers have agreed to adjust traffic routing and interconnections to maintain a fair relationship between both networks.

XO SVP and CTO, Randy Nicklas, reiterated the benefits of this agreement in ensuring a “fair and unconstrained interconnection”. He said: “This agreement will ensure a balanced backbone cost burden between our networks as we continue to grow while providing high quality service for our respective customers.”

The agreement has provisions to increase capacity and esablish new interconnections between both networks to accommodate growing traffic demand.

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