LITC announces commercial launch of Silphium cable

LITC announces commercial launch of Silphium cable

Libyan International Telecom Company (LITC) has announced the commercial launch of the Silphium subsea cable system, linking Darnah, Libya with Chania, Greece.

The cable had originally been due for completion at the end of 2011, but the project was put on hold after civil war broke out in Libya.

Silphium is designed to meet the increasing demand of international communications in the Libyan market. It is claimed to be one of the longest unrepeatered subsea cable systems in the world, extending 425km across the Mediterranean Sea.


With the Libyan market expected to open up, it is claimed that communications infrastructure will play a key role in driving economic growth.

"As the owner of the system, we trust that this cable will play a major role in the process of rebuilding Libya and will contribute to its economical and social development. Silphium will provide the country with a diverse route to the internet and help create business and employment opportunities in the eastern region of the country," said Kamal Farhat, CEO of LITC.

Global Marine Systems was the supplier for the cable, which has a total design capacity of 1.2Tbps, at 10Gbps per wavelength. The link also has a provision to upgrade to 40Gbps and 100Gbps in the future.

The route’s Greek landing point is provided by OTEGLOBE, allowing access to the carrier’s European network.

Silphium is Libya’s third international submarine cable system.

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