SK Telecom sees widespread LTE growth

SK Telecom sees widespread LTE growth

SK Telecom has announced that it has surpassed six million LTE subscribers.

The growth represents increased penetration of LTE services across the Asian continent.

SK Telecom has seen significant growth in LTE specialised services and technologies, developed to enhance user experience. Such services include T Freemium, T Baseball and Multi Carrier, across a rich line-up of premium LTE devices.

T Freemium enables customers to access a wide range of multimedia content free of charge; including popular movies, dramas, games, applications and e-books. The number of T Freemium subscribers exceeded two million since its launch six months ago, with content reaching 15 million.

Building on its nationwide LTE network coverage, SK Telecom is attempting to provide better LTE services by developing and applying Multi Carrier (MC) LTE technologies.

This has been applied to the top 10 areas in Seoul, with high data traffic and there are plans to install MC in all areas of the city and central metropolitan cities by the end of the year. The company outlined additional aims to apply MC to traffic concentrated areas across the country next year.

SK Telecom released the country’s first LTE smartphone in September 2011, and has a rich portfolio of LTE devices, including 19 smartphones, two tablet PCs and two USB modems.

“SK Telecom’s LTE specialised services – designed to induce customers to experience diverse mobile contents without having to worry about heavy costs – such as T Freemium and T Baseball – are rapidly becoming a must-use service among our customers,” said Lee Inn-chan, SVP and head of marketing strategy office at SK Telecom.

“We expect that these services, strongly supported by the nation’s best network quality and richest device line-up, will help sustain the strong growth of our LTE subscribers, the number of which is expected to exceed seven million by the year-end.”