Deutsche Telekom taps EdgeCast for application delivery network

Deutsche Telekom taps EdgeCast for application delivery network

Deutsche Telekom’s international wholesale arm has launched an application delivery network (ADN) in collaboration with CDN provider EdgeCast.

The service, which is claimed to substantially improve the performance and throughput of web applications, is based on EdgeCast’s CDN technology.

Deutsche’s International Carrier Sales & Solutions (ICSS) wing said that the ADN had been extensively tested, with proven efficiency in customised information portals, e-commerce and booking engine applications, social media services and other online tools.

"ADN provides significant improvements in reliability and performance, which means more engagement, more page views, more completed transactions, and more revenue for our customers," said Falk von Bornstaedt, head of product marketing IP-transit & peering, at International Carrier Sales & Solutions.


The ADN will serve both static and dynamic content for cases where the two cannot be separated or it is not ideal to do so, with “wholesite” delivery applications according to Deutsche.

It adds to Deutsche Telekom’s CDN portfolio, which supports multi-platform streaming, premium storage, content security and analytics.

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