Inmarsat partners with Cisco for satellite services enhancement

Inmarsat partners with Cisco for satellite services enhancement

Inmarsat has entered into an alliance with Cisco to provide advanced services including applications, business collaboration and multimedia content over Inmarsat’s satellite broadband network.

As part of the agreement Cisco will provide Inmarsat with its satellite applications service delivery platform and an access network to Inmarsat’s Global Xpress programme, a global Ka-band network with mobile connectivity.

The vendor will also develop a router for satellite network end users utilising Inmarsat’s Global Xpress programme and its BGAN global network.

"Through these agreements with Cisco we are providing world-class infrastructure as a platform for our partners and us to offer services beyond pure satellite connectivity and this is a key aspect of our strategy for the future," said Rupert Pearce, CEO of Inmarsat

Cisco will build and operate the network before transferring control to Inmarsat, using its software stacks to deliver voice, video, cloud application services and high speed internet access.

Inmarsat claims that the integrated platform will allow it and its partners to rapidly develop and remotely deploy applications to the network and extend the reach of services across the whole Inmarsat network.

The network is claimed to offer “unprecedented data rates and bandwidth” providing the same experience as terrestrial broadband and is described as the only hybrid Ka and L-band network designed to provide consistent global coverage.

"The collaboration between Inmarsat and Cisco truly augments Cisco's vision of any device, anytime, anywhere," said Rob Lloyd, president, development and sales at Cisco. "Imagine watching on demand TV in an aircraft, using TelePresence on an oil rig in the middle of the ocean, or accessing cost effective HD TV broadcasting from any location. We are truly excited about the possibilities this unique alliance creates."

The network is scheduled for service introduction in 2014.

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