Deutsche Telekom selects Voxbone for app developer DID

Deutsche Telekom selects Voxbone for app developer DID

Deutsche Telekom has chosen Voxbone to provide international direct inward dial (DID) numbers for its recently relaunched developer portal and marketplace.

The German carrier’s Developer Garden allows developers to integrate its voice and data services into their mobile and desktop applications.

Voxbone said that it was selected because its DID service enables carriers to quickly extend the reach of their telecoms network through an application programming interface.

“This announcement marks a trend in the telecoms industry, in which mobile carriers are encouraging developers to create services and applications based on the cloud, their voice networks and Voxbone’s inbound numbers,” said Voxbone CEO, Rod Ullens. “All Developer Garden app developers now have access to Voxbone’s full range of DID numbers for any application they want to build, enabling them to create superior applications more quickly and for wider audiences.”

Through the Developer Garden developers are able to build applications with interactive voice response, VoIP solutions, voice mash-ups and SMS.

DID is considered particularly useful for developers adding voice and SMS support to common programming languages.

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