Turkcell claims Istanbul is now an internet hub

Turkcell claims Istanbul is now an internet hub

Turkcell Superonline is claiming to have transformed Istanbul into an internet hub with nine international gateways and collaborations with Tier 1 telecoms operators.

Istanbul’s position between Europe, Asia and the Middle East had widely been considered to allow the potential for the city to become a hub, but difficulties in the local business environment had previously held back investment from international players.

The Turkish carrier said that its international gateways would enable fast and seamless internet access via connections with internet exchange points in Sofia, London and Amsterdam as well as a PoP in Frankfurt.

Collaborations with Tata Communications, Deutsche Telekom and Inteliquent are also claimed by Turkcell’s subsidiary to enable access to globally renowned networks and add value to the Turkish economy.

"Four years ago Turkcell Superonline's aim had been to transform the Silk Road into the Fibre Road. Today, this is a reality via our fibre network," said Murat Erkan, GM of Turkcell Superonline.

Turkcell Superonline is hosting PoPs for both Deutsche Telekom and Inteliquent in its Istanbul data centres.

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