Nominum launches platform and ecosystem for DNS applications

Nominum launches platform and ecosystem for DNS applications

DNS provider Nominum has launched an application platform and ecosystem claimed to enable network operators to differentiate, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

The N2 platform is designed to gather and anonymise user data, allowing application providers seamless access to DNS queries.

Nominum, whose software processes one trillion DNS queries per day, claims that this enables faster application development and the simplification and integration of applications with existing network operator systems.

The company’s IDEAL ecosystem of application providers enables the development and integration of software applications running on top of the N2 platform. This is designed to enable network operators to utilise their DNS infrastructure to deploy applications more quickly and cost effectively.

“Traditionally, it’s been hard to take advantage of DNS data to gauge network health and activity or improve the subscriber experience. The tools for collecting, synthesising, anonymising, and analysing it weren’t adequate,” said Paul Mockapetris chairman of Nominum and the inventor of the DNS. “The N2 Platform simplifies the process of collecting large amounts of data in real-time and makes it easier to develop new applications and integrate with other network operator systems."

Nominum is also launching six applications on top of the N2 platform providing subscriber safety from malicious websites, network security to deter outbound spam, personal internet to enable subscribers to personalise their home internet, network analytics, network configuration and content filtering.

“Network operators are facing rising network costs, the erosion of traditional revenues and increasing pressure from OTT players on both their access business and value-added services”, said Eden Zoller, principal analyst at Ovum. “Operators need all the help they can get and this is where data analytics come into play, giving operators tools that can create network efficiencies and also improve the customer service experience.”

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