NTT and partners establish 1Pbps fibre connection

NTT and partners establish 1Pbps fibre connection

Tier 1 carrier NTT and three partners, fibre provider Fujikura, Hokkaido University and Technical University of Denmark have demonstrated a capacity transmission of 1 petabit (1000 terabits) per second (Pbps) over a 52.4km length of 12-core optical fibre, in what is claimed to be a new world record.

The 1Pbps capacity is equivalent to 5,000 HDTV videos of two hours in a single second, over 50km, which NTT said is equivalent to the distances between medium-haul telecoms offices.

The research background of the transmission was based off of figures from Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications which indicated that broadband services will continue to expand rapidly and traffic will grow at a rate of 1.2 times per year for the foreseeable future.

“The optical fibre used in today’s long-haul high-capacity optical networks has a single core, a single optical signal path with a throughput of 1 terabit per second in the present commercial systems. Yet, due to the traffic increase, we face a serious challenge in meeting this traffic demand in the years ahead,” said NTT.

The achievement was reported as a post deadline paper on September 20 at the European Conference and Exhibition on Optical Communications 2012 held in Amsterdam and was partially based on work commissioned by the National Institute of ICT in Japan.

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