France Telecom appoints seven CEOs in Africa and the Middle East

France Telecom appoints seven CEOs in Africa and the Middle East

France Telecom-Orange has appointed seven CEOs at its African and Middle Eastern subsidiaries, effective October 1.

The French carrier said that the appointments fall within its international mobility policy and were made as each departing CEO reached their end of term.

Brelotte Ba has been appointed as CEO of Orange Niger, having previously been appointed CEO of Orange Bissau in 2008. He replaced Louis Branco.

Orange’s director of the Eastern Africa, Pacific and Indian Ocean Zone for the AMEA division, Michel Barré, has been appointed CEO of Orange Madagascar. He replaces Jean-Luc Bohé.

Former Orange Madagascar CEO Jean-Luc Bohé replaces Alioune Ndiaye as CEO of Orange Mali.

Didier Charvet has been appointed CEO of Orange Tunisia, replacing Thierry Marigny. Charvet has held executive management positions in Egypt, Mexico, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Director of France Telecom Poland, Nathalie Clere, has been appointed as deputy CEO of Mauritius Telecom. She replaces Jean-Francois Thomas.

Alione Ndiaye has been appointed CEO of Senegalese business Sonatel, succeeding Cheikh Tidiane Mbaye.

Jean Francois Thomas is appointed CEO of Jordan Telecom, replacing Nayla Khawam.

“All of the new CEOs have substantial international experience in the telecommunications sector. I am confident in their ability to continue to develop the activities of these seven subsidiaries, where we operate under the Orange brand. I also wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to each of their predecessors, who made significant contributions to the growth and solid economic performance of their companies. Development in Africa and the Middle East, where the Group is present in 20 countries, is a major goal for Orange, which has set its sights on reaching seven billion euros in revenues in the region by 2015,” said Marc Rennard, SVP for Africa, the Middle East and Asia at France Telecom-Orange.

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