Virgin Media reveals 2025 vision for connectivity

Virgin Media reveals 2025 vision for connectivity

Virgin Media Business has unveiled a vision of a hyper connected future in the UK, including everyday tasks assisted by M2M, portable devices supporting holographic telepresence, and 3D printers able to create personalised medication.

Among the predictions is for data stored by 2025 to amount to 100 zettabytes, the equivalent of 36 billion years of HD video, with 5G self organising networks and multi-antenna transmission arrays to connect the UK’s cities.

Virgin Media Business MD, Mark Heraghty, told Capacity that the real challenge of realising the 2025 vision would be in achieving the necessary connectivity to support increasingly data hungry technologies.

“The key problem is that the devices, the smartphones, tablets and computing devices which we all now know and use, are way ahead of the connectivity and that is the weak link in the chain, especially away from the home or away from the office. So that is the issue that we as an industry need to address,” he said.

The vision comes as part of Virgin’s Welcome to Generation IP: 2025 study, in collaboration with the Future Laboratory, which explores the relationship between data and connectivity in the coming years.

Also revealed in a video accompanying the study was the belief that businesses will deploy a more agile and mobile workforce, able to perform their tasks outside of the office by transferring data safely and speedily from any location on secure networks.

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