Telefónica to upgrade Sam-1 cable system through Infinera

Telefónica to upgrade Sam-1 cable system through Infinera

Telefónica International wholesale services (TIWS), part of Telefónica Global Solutions, has announced an international upgrade partnership to TIWS’ Sam-1 submarine cable network through Infinera’s suite of technologies.

The cable, which connects North and South America will connect to the Infinera DTN-X platform, which is capable of delivering 500Gbps across long-haul super channels.

According to Telefónica, the platform will enable the company to address growing bandwidth demands across South America.

TIWS is the infrastructure part of the Telefónica Group, and offers integrated voice, data and video services in 100 PoPs across 60 cities and 40 countries. Its cable spans 20,000km and it will use Infinera’s services to carry traffic to over 200 million customers. The cable has landing points in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, Columbia, Puerto Rico and Florida.

Infinera’s DTN-X platform allows Telefónica to scale its network capacity without scaling operations, and it also provides the European telco integrated OTN switching, and a diverse network with a high level of wavelength flexibility.

“Building our network with Infinera’s solutions has enabled us to seamlessly upgrade to higher data-rates and provision services quickly and easily,” said Jose Ramon Vela, CEO of Telefónica Global Solutions.

“Our positive experience with Infinera’s solutions assures us that our investment in the DTN-X will enable us to scale into the future and continue to turn up services more quickly for our customers".

TIWS has been upgrading its submarine network through South America since 2009.

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