Macquarie Telecom gains certification for SAP hosting and cloud services

Macquarie Telecom gains certification for SAP hosting and cloud services

The company will become the second service provider in Australia, behind Telstra to gain certification in both classifications according to reports.

There are now three operators rolling out SAP hosting services in the country, and only two in SAP certified cloud services.

“The certification means all Macquarie Telecom sites are officially recognised as being able to sustain SAP's solutions with complete hosting packages and on-demand infrastructure, software and services,” said a company statement.

Telstra gained certification for SAP cloud services in September 2011, rolling out the service both in hosting and cloud. Macquarie says it has validated certifications in conjunction with an SAP partner to provide the necessary skill set.

Gaining certification for the service is a long process and companies are required to provide details covering facilities, operational model and the platform itself, before being approved.

Macquarie was also assessed for IaaS, managing cloud servers, cloud performance servers, virtual servers and dedicated hosting environments.

According to Macquarie’s managing director, Aidan Tudehope, being SAP certified for hosting and cloud extends the company’s capabilities in serving business and government needs, in highly secure sustainable and redundant environments.

Tudehope said: “We are now exploring further opportunities to collaborate with SAP, particularly around the growing business needs for software-as-a-service and mobility within the applications space. Being an SAP hosting partner will allow Macquarie Telecom and SAP to leverage our respective strengths to deliver more intuitive and comprehensive solutions to our consolidated client base."

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