PIPE Networks selects Infinera for subsea and terrestrial upgrades

PIPE Networks selects Infinera for subsea and terrestrial upgrades

PIPE Networks, a subsidiary of Australian carrier TPG Telecom, has selected Infinera’s DTN-X platform to upgrade its PPC-1 submarine cable network between Guam and Sydney to 100Gbps, and to upgrade its terrestrial network in Sydney.

For the upgrade PIPE is deploying FlexCoherent super channels on the system, increasing speeds for international and Australian carriers, which use PPC-1.

Capacity on the cable will be increased to deliver in excess of 3Tbps and allow PIPE to deploy Infinera’s 100Gbps coherent wavelengths.

The optical vendor’s platform was also selected for PIPE’s terrestrial network, to deliver 500Gbps super channels to data centre sites in Sydney. Infinera said that the platform supports 8Tbps on a single fibre and will significantly increase the capacity, scalability and resiliency of PIPE’s metro network in the city.

“The DTN-X platform’s interoperability between our existing terrestrial and submarine networks, its ease of use when provisioning services along with the elimination of transponders at cable landing stations all led to our decision,” said Lee Harper, head of network engineering for PIPE Networks and the TPG Group.

“We move a significant amount of data around the country, and deploying the DTN-X allows us to distribute reliable, high-capacity services with great simplicity and with industry-leading provisioning lead times.”

The upgrade will help PIPE address increasing demand for submarine and terrestrial bandwidth on its networks. Infinera said that this was the first deployment of super channels in the Asia-Pacific region.

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