Carriers urged to explore co-location service partnerships

Carriers urged to explore co-location service partnerships

Carriers have been urged to partner with data centre providers to ensure the future sustainability of their business models, according to infrastructure operator Interxion.

Interxion warns carriers must strike partnerships in the market to roll out bundled IP and co-location services or risk under serving next-generation applications.

Having signed a cooperation agreement with Nordic carrier TeliaSonera International at the beginning of August, the European data centre and co-location provider believes that the traditional supplier relationship with carriers is evolving.

While previously data centre companies acted as suppliers for carriers, they are now being considered as partners to cooperate with and create solutions for customers.

“Obviously IP services have a lot of price pressure on them at the moment so anything carriers can do to create more of a value add than just selling IP transit has to help. We are starting to see more demand from the larger carriers to work with us to be able to create that solution using our collocation services,” said Mark Cooper, business development manager for connectivity at Interxion.

Cooper suggests that by cooperating with data centre providers, carriers are able to focus on upgrading their networks and offering additional services, while also achieving cost savings through not having to invest in their own data centre footprint.

By partnering with Interxion, TeliaSonera’s IP and hosting offering is supported across the data centre provider’s European data centre footprint, allowing the carrier to offer a broader range of solutions to different customers.

It is thought that the agreement may also assist TeliaSonera in its contract to build a pan-European optical network for Facebook as Interxion’s footprint extends across the region’s major cities.

Interxion recently completed its London 2 and Paris 7 data centres and is also constructing a second data centre in the Spanish capital Madrid.

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