GTS to build data transmission network in partnership with the Polish Medical Air Rescue

GTS Poland, part of GTS Central Europe, has signed a control with the Polish Medical Air Rescue for the construction of an IP VPN and internet access services.

The partnership, worth approximately €480,000, will radically aid the institution in providing medical aid and air transport to patients worldwide.

GTS will build an IP VPN system in specific locations where the Polish Medical Air Rescue is based.

It is thought the availability of telecoms infrastructure is of poor quality in these areas, and the company will be charged with building data transmission networks in Poland and the CEE region to ensure the terms of the contract are met.

"We are happy that we have been awarded such a contract and that our technological solutions will assist the daily operations of an institution that helps patients nationwide in Poland," said Piotr Sieluk, CEO of GTS Poland.

The institution has 19 bases, used by 530 employees and GTS will connect each of these. GTS says the network will be fully integrated and secured against external access.