M2M to be a “game changer” for carrier revenues

M2M to be a “game changer” for carrier revenues

A leading figure in the ICT space has declared machine-to-machine (M2M) applications as a “game changer” for the carrier market.

Jeff Edlund, CTO of Hewlett Packard’s Communications Media & Solution (CMS) division, has said M2M applications will be the next “revenue pool” for carriers to chase after.

He claimed the business model behind M2M could be similar to SMS and that once all the predicted billions of machines become connected, there is a strong opportunity for carriers to make money from all the data flows: “The transactions and data payloads are small, they’re not very network disruptive and they’re pretty margin rich,” he added.

Edlund also serves on the board of directors of the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solution (ATIS), which aims to help develop the standards and solutions driving the ICT industry. Under this, he co-chairs a team dedicated to exploring and defining the M2M, SmartGrid and Connected Car opportunity in the communications industry.

As part of his work in the focus group, Edlund wrote the technical specification for the M2M Common Services Platform, which is designed to help carriers monetise a delivery platform and set of capabilities for developers across all industry verticals. “I have been trying to make a difference for ICT, very specifically in the M2M space,” he said.

In July, ATIS joined six other ICT standard developments organisations in launching one M2M; a global organisation aimed at developing specifications to ensure the global functionality of M2M.

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