Nigerian government begins to address poor telecoms mast infrastructure

Nigerian government begins to address poor telecoms mast infrastructure

The Nigerian government has sanctioned enforcement exercises on telecoms masts installed in the country to ensure they are all in good condition.

The Urban Furniture Regulatory Unit (UFRU) carried out checks on the strength and specifications of the structures to ensure quality of usability. UFRU’s technical team visited locations where the masts had been installed, and it is thought the exercise has been long overdue.

National media reports that the government believes the exercise is of necessity to ensure the safety of lives and property. There have been reports in the country that collapsed masts have killed innocent people, in addition to causing damage to surrounding property.

The exercise will, according to general manager of UFRU, mean owners of weak masts will evacuate or strengthen masts to avoid possible danger to people’s lives.

The UFRU team has visited telecoms masts in several locations over the weekend, and early indications suggest much of the infrastructure is weak and faulty, which can be attributable to a lack of proper maintenance planning.

The lifespan of a mast tends to be between five and six years, and most have now been outlived, according to local media.

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