Telecom Namibia partners with NewTelco for PoPs

Telecom Namibia partners with NewTelco for PoPs

Telecom Namibia has entered into a partnership with NewTelco South Africa for the delivery of four international PoPs connected to the West Africa Cable System (WACS).

The partnership will make Namibia only the second country to extend the reach of its network into Europe via the WACS cable, which went live in May.

NewTelco, which is represented by Jasco Co-location Solutions, will design, procure and build the PoPs in Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa, as well as Frankfurt, Germany, and London, UK, for exclusive use by Telecom Namibia.

As part of the agreement the Namibian telco will make use of NewTelco’s existing infrastructure until dedicated infrastructure is built.

“Jasco Co-location Solutions met all of our criteria, and has delivered the first phase of a solution which will revolutionise telecommunications in Namibia,” said Oiva Angula, senior manager of CR and PR at Telecom Namibia.

“Further phases, such as additional PoPs and the extension of our national infrastructure, will enable us to further extend these services and access new technologies such as voice over IP (VoIP) and cloud services.”

The agreement will enable Telecom Namibia cheaper more direct interconnections with other telecoms providers worldwide without the need to route through third parties in South Africa. It is claimed that this will enable the telco to make broadband connectivity more accessible to Namibians and help to bridge the digital divide in the country.

NewTelco SA was specifically selected for the partnership due to its ties with Germany’s NewTelco GmbH, which has co-location hubs in 25 locations.

“In order to connect to global telecommunications providers, Telecom Namibia needed space in a data centre as well as a partner to manage and maintain services. NewTelco SA, through our ties to NewTelco GmbH, is perfectly positioned to deliver on Telecom Namibia’s requirements and fulfil this role,” said Eckart Zollner, business development manager at Jasco Co-location Solutions.