Troubled Syria is maintaining internet connectivity from PCCW

Troubled Syria is maintaining internet connectivity from PCCW

Hong-Kong based PCCW is keeping politically troubled Syria connected to the internet, according to internet monitoring firm Renesys.

Syria is facing growing international pressure and facing sanctions by the UN, as fighting continues in the war-torn country.

According to Renesys, PCCW, which offers voice, data and broadband services globally, is keeping the country connected to the outside world, allowing Syrians to post video footage of the situation in the country. This has largely been done through PCCW’s Mediterranean assets.

The US announced sanctions against the Syrain government and telecoms companies in April, and seemingly, Syria has turned to China for internet service providers, in the wake of US pressure.

Syria continues to enjoy strong economic ties with China.

Renesys reports that until a few days ago, Turk Telekom was providing services to the whole of Syria, but permanently disappeared on August 12 2012. The monitoring site is now predicting Telecom Italia will be next to exit the country after a significant drop in its Syrian transit over the last few days.

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