Intelsat 21 launches successfully

Intelsat 21 launches successfully

Satellite provider Intelsat has successfully launched Intelsat 21 from a mobile platform in the equatorial Pacific Ocean.

The new satellite is designed to provide direct-to-home (DTH) and cable services in Latin America, replacing Intelsat 9.

30 minutes after the initial launch, the Intelsat 21 satellite separated from the rocket’s upper stage and continued towards geosynchronous orbit, and signal acquisition occurred at 3.52am EDT on 19 August.

It has a design capacity of 18 years, and includes C-band services for South America, North America and Europe, and Ku-band services for North America, the Caribbean, Brazil, Europe and Western Africa.

“Intelsat 21 will refresh capacity for Latin America’s premier video neighbourhood and will offer vital communications services spanning four continents,” said David McGlade, CEO at Intelsat. “In addition, Intelsat 21 continues deployment of Intelsat's Ku-band global broadband mobility platform, designed to support the rapid growth in demand for broadband connectivity for maritime and aeronautical applications."

The system’s capabilities feature a Ku-band mobility beam, providing coverage across the South Atlantic. Its global broadband mobility platform is scheduled for completion in early 2013 and Intelsat 13 is the fourth of five launches planned for 2012.

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