Nigerian regulators to implement five year plan for infrastructure development

Nigerian telecoms is set to benefit from an increase in telecoms infrastructure deployment as a result of the implementation of the Nigeria Communications Commission’s second phase of its five-year strategic management plan.

The Universal Service Provision Fund (USPF), part of the NCC, has recently come up with a new plan which would allow for universal access to communications and applications services from 2013 to 2017.

The fund has identified targets to deepen ICT penetration in the country for the next five years. The USPF operates at the forefront of the NCC to provide funds for ICT infrastructure in rural areas. It began the first phase of its five year strategic management plan in 2007, and specified five goals for universal access for voice and data services in Nigeria.

From 2011, the USPF board has been embarking on a new five year plan, and has used consulting firm KPMG to aid the achievement of its new goals. KPMG said the fund has identified three major programs in research, study, awareness Creation and subsidy incentives. There will also be a focus on promoting awareness on the need to deepen broadband and ICT infrastructure penetration in underserved areas.

Stakeholders in the project also identified the need to design solutions that would engage youths which are involved in online fraud to promote youth empowerment in the region.