Deutsche Telekom maintains outlook for 2012

Deutsche Telekom has maintained its outlook for the year after reporting stable second-quarter results.

Strong results from the carrier’s US business, which it failed to sell to AT&T last year, were offset by weaker sales in Europe with adjusted EBITDA remaining unchanged year-on-year at €4.70 billion.

The carrier reported a slight dip in revenues of 0.7% compared to the previous year to €14.38 billion.

Net profit rose 76.4% to €614 million due to fewer restructuring charges, while overall profit for the company was down 13.9% from a year ago to €819 million.

A capex reduction of 5.1% was achieved in the first half of the year to €3.8 billion and free cash flow remained unchanged at €2.8 billion.

"We are keeping our word and providing a good deal of reliability to the market with very solid figures," said René Obermann, CEO of Deutsche Telekom. "We do of course continue to face a number of challenges, but we are performing very respectably compared with our competitors."

Deutsche Telekom reiterated an outlook for adjusted EBITDA of approximately € 18 billion and free cash flow of €6 billion over the full year, with a dividend of at least €0.70 per share expected.