M2M player Arkessa partners with KDDI’s Telehouse for virtual cloud project

Japan-based KDDI’s subsidiary Telehouse has been selected by M2M player Arkessa to build a virtualised private cloud platform within its London data centre.

KDDI’s cloud architects will build an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution for the company. Arkessa said this will give it more time to build a wider portfolio of innovative solutions.

The company’s existing data centre is based in Scotland but with a projected increase of 25% in wireless connectivity on a global scale, according to Beecham Research, the M2M company has sought to invest in a scalable virtual platform for efficiency and real-time access to remote locations.

“We knew we needed to invest in a virtual infrastructure, but we were uncertain about the implications of migrating our business-critical systems to the cloud,” said Paul Green, director of technology and marketing at Arkessa. “With Telehouse and KDDI we gained a partner that understood our business needs and our innovation.”

Called the 'Arkessa Centre for Remote Internet', the solution is designed to deliver high standards to the company’s clients. Telehouse operates a wide portfolio of cloud services, including storage, disaster recovery and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions.

“The M2M sector has particular needs from a cloud partnership, fortunately we had long-standing relationships with network providers, we were operating our disaster recovery services at the level required and were able to integrate their current systems into a cloud infrastructure rapidly, added Nick Layzell, head of cloud solutions at KDDI Europe.

Arkessa competes in the M2M market, enabling remote devices to operate directly to user desktops, smartphones and tablets. The mission critical application requires fast data transfer from remote locations to central hubs. The company operates across Europe, the Far East, the Americas and Australasia.