Nigerian government warns mobile operators

Nigerian government warns mobile operators

Nigeria’s government has reportedly warned mobile operators in the country to address ongoing issues with poor quality of service or leave the Nigerian business environment.

ITNewsAfrica reports that the warning was issued in a statement by the legislative officer, public relations, on behalf of Nigeria’s Senate Committee Chairman Gil Emeka Nnaji.

The Senator reportedly reacted angrily to recent claims by Nigeria’s Communications Commission that MTN was the only operator to turn a profit in the country, describing the situation as “unacceptable”.

Senator Nnaji said that the Nigerian public deserved the best in telecommunications services, given substantial investments by the Federal Government in the sector.

He also said that he wanted to make network operators culpable for dropped calls, poor network reception and unauthorised deductions of airtime.

Operators in the country blame inadequate power infrastructure, taxation, regulation and vandalism of their facilities for their inability to improve quality of service.

Nigerian Minister of Power, Prof Barth Nnaji, reiterated the ministry’s continued efforts to meet power supply requirements and urged mobile operators to work with the ministry to agree on interim power supply, according to the publication.

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