Operators join global M2M alliance

Operators join global M2M alliance

Seven mobile operators have entered into an alliance to cooperate globally in M2M business.

The operators, KPN, NTT DoCoMo, Rogers, SingTel, Telefónica, Telstra and VimpelCom, will focus on further development of the M2M market and improvement of customer convenience.

Through combining their efforts, the operators believe that they will have the scale to address the “complex and fragmented nature of the M2M market”.

The alliance covers technological cooperation to enable global solutions for multinational customers requiring M2M device connectivity. As a result all participant companies are expected to be able to offer better value propositions to their customers in different markets.

A global product, featuring a unique SIM, united web interface and centralised management of status of M2M devices globally, is being provided by the group. It will use the Jasper Wireless Control Centre platform and is expected to result in cost reduction and enhancement of user experience.

“Standardised global service, with local support is the Holy Grail in M2M and mobile operator alliances are a vital activity to make this a reality. The Jasper Wireless platform operationalises these kinds of alliances – allowing operators to agree and manage terms while giving the customer exactly what they need to scale their connected device business,” said Macario Namie, VP of marketing at Jasper Wireless.

Through the alliance the operators hope to stimulate the sale of M2M communications across industries including: consumer electronics, automotive and energy efficiency. Other operators looking to collaborate in M2M are also welcomed to join the initiative.

The alliance follows a digital services agreement, including M2M, announced between Telefónica Digital and Etisalat last week.

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