TI Sparkle extends partnership with Keynote SIGOS

TI Sparkle extends partnership with Keynote SIGOS

Telecom Italia Sparkle has extended its partnership with mobile professional services company Keynote SIGOS.

The partnership between the two companies involves TI Sparkle’s use of Keynote SIGOS’s GlobalRoamer platform, an end-to-end testing solution for international carrier services.

The adoption of the GlobalRoamer platform is part of a quality control policy, which TISparkle introduced several years ago. The policy includes continuous quality performance monitoring and processes to maintain quality parameters.

GlobalRoamer is based on Keynote’s SITE test system, which is designed to measure availability and performance of network services from a customer perspective.

Services offered by the platform include caller line identification delivery for international voice and the availability of mobile data services accessible on the home network, when customers are in roaming.

“By emulating the behavior of real roamers using mobile devices located in networks all over the world, we can quickly and preemptively identify any issues that may be occurring and implement relevant solutions before customers are actually affected”, said Fabrizio Gelli, VP marketing mobile data services at TI Sparkle.

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