Sidera to finalise Pac-Asia route this month

Sidera to finalise Pac-Asia route this month

Sidera Networks president Clint Heiden has confirmed to Capacity that he expects to finalise the company’s Pac-Asia route and a secondary route to Brazil at this year’s ITW.

Heiden said Sidera will utilise the show to make “significant strategic relationships” as the company attempts to expand its operations and network route beyond its traditional US to London route. Talking to Capacity yesterday morning Heiden said Sidera “had been working towards ITW for the past three months, and has planned meetings with several carriers to solve its current issues and ink strategic partnerships at the event”.

Sidera specialises in providing services to the financial vertical, and claims to have the lowest latency route between New York to London, with recent expansions across Canada, Chicago and Brazil. The company is now directly targeting the financial vertical in both Asia-Pacific and South America.

Heiden said: “We plan to have the lowest latency routes between Asia-Pacific to the US in the next six months, with the aim to utilise our vast network and circuits internationally. Once we offer our carrier customers low latency going out of the US, we plan expand our operations with European carriers to get back in to US, and eventually offer the same services to both South America and Asia-Pac customers.”

Sidera refused to comment on which companies it expects to sign deals with, but confirmed it will be major carriers in both continents.

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