Race to LTE heats up in Austria

Race to LTE heats up in Austria

Efforts to upgrade network infrastructure in Austria has continued this week, after Alcatel-Lucent announced that it will upgrade H3G’s optical fibre backbone network to 100Gpbs in order to help the Austrian mobile operator handle an increased demand for mobile data.

H3G claims to be the first operator in Austria to be implementing the 100G optical coherent technology, which is also designed to expand the network capacity of its existing fibre optic infrastructure.

Matthias Baldermann, CTO of 3 Austria said the introduction of LTE will help increase the need for capacity in Austria. “Due to the rapid growth in 3G mobile broadband we are facing new challenges for our data network,” he said.

“Because we are able to add these new capabilities to our existing network, we are able to move quickly to expand our services offerings without incurring a huge expense.”

According to BuddeComm consultancy firm, a quarter of all Austrians are expected to have access to LTE technology by 2013.

Last Friday, H3G’s rival, A1, also announced it had deployed a vectoring technology upgrade on its Giga-network, in partnership with Alcatel-Lucent. The domestic subsidiary of Telekom Austria group claims it was the first provider to perform an upgrade with the latest generation of vectoring technology, which helps produces a clean signal on copper lines by cancelling noise.

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