China Mobile and Clearwire enter into TD LTE testing agreements

China Mobile and Clearwire enter into TD LTE testing agreements

China Mobile and US WiMax operator Clearwire have entered into an agreement regarding test specifications and joint interoperability testing for TD LTE devices in global spectrum band configurations.

Beginning this month, China Mobile, Clearwire and other Global TD LTE Initiative (GTI) operators will establish 4G mobile broadband labs. The labs will allow for the evaluation and qualification of commercial TD LTE devices simultaneously in the US, China and other markets. One of the key areas of testing will be TD LTE and FD LTE mobility interactions.

"Converged with FD LTE, TD LTE has become the major global 4G technology for unpaired spectrum," said Li Zhengmao, VP of China Mobile. "Our goal is to build efficient, low cost common infrastructure and terminal for different global markets with different spectrum to support mobile internet.”

China Mobile's testing will be carried out in Beijing and other TD LTE trial cities. Clearwire plans to conduct its TD LTE common interoperability testing in Phoenix, Arizona and Herndon, Virginia.

“The unmatched spectrum portfolio underlying Clearwire's planned LTE network has the potential to deliver faster speeds and with greater capacity than any current or proposed 4G network in the United States," said Dr. John Saw, CTO of Clearwire. "

China Mobile has the world’s largest mobile network and customer base. The company’s backing of TD LTE has led to the technology being taking seriously on a global scale, with several WiMax operators considering an upgrade to TD LTE in the future.

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