Iliad launches French mobile operation

Iliad launches French mobile operation

French broadband service provider Iliad has launched Free Mobile, the country’s fourth mobile operator. Free plans to secure a market share by using a pricing strategy to undercut the opposition.

The company’s launch is being taken seriously in the French market due to the strength of its brand and thanks to Iliad’s position as an established service provider in the country.

Free was cleared to launch its mobile network in December having been audited by French regulator Arcep. The company’s network covers approximately 27% of the French population with the remainder covered by a national roaming agreement with France Telecom-Orange.

The agreement allows Free to sign up customers in areas where its own network is not present. The company is planning to invest in more network infrastructure in the future.

Free’s launch is likely to be considered unwelcome by incumbent operators France Telecom, SFR and Bouygues Telecom, who have been forced to cut prices and increase marketing spending as a result.

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