Colt partners with Sea Fibre Networks

Colt partners with Sea Fibre Networks

Sea Fibre Networks, owner of European subsea network CeltixConnect, has signed a partnership with Colt to provide a fibre gateway to Europe from Ireland and the UK.

As part of the deal, Colt’s customers will be afforded a low latency route connecting Ireland to the UK, and onward access to Colt’s pan-European network. CeltixConnect’s fibre system has also been extended, and it will now provide an additional gateway to Europe by connecting its fibre network in London.

According to Sea Fibre Networks, the new fibre link will double existing capacity between Ireland and the UK, with the view of supporting the increasing amount of online media transferred between the regions. “The CeltixConnect sea cable will enable Colt to benefit from the lowest latency route between Dublin and London and represents the continued expansion of our information delivery platform’s capabilities throughout Europe,” said Francois Eloy, EVP at Colt Communications.

Eloy explained the deal was a result of an increasing commitment by Colt to help organisations in Europe run faster and benefit from high bandwidth connectivity available on its pan-European network.

Sea Fibre Network’s CeltixConnect fibre system spans just 131km between Ireland and the UK. It is primarily designed for providing low latency connectivity for the enterprise sector, and Diane Hodnett, CEO at Sea Fibre Networks expressed her delight at securing Colt as its customer. “Colt is a highly regarded provider with phenomenal pan-European reach and a focus on low latency which CeltixConnect infrastructure delivers,” she said.

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